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22nd SEMcamp

The 22nd SEMcamp was organized by Mariusz Gąsiewski and Przemysław Modrzewski at the end of September.

It is a periodic SEM industry conference dedicated to such issues as SEO, SEM, web analytics or Social Media. I am a fan of such initiatives myself, especially as SEMcamp dedicates its income earned on admission fees in whole to charities.

The conference held in September gave us a foretaste of what is to come and presented some of the latest trends. Mariusz Gąsiewski discussed the issues that authors of Adwords should pay special attention to, in addition to offering guidelines on how to attract users and what tactics to use to make them choose our advertisement. It’s one of the hottest topics now, especially as Google has launched extended text ads recently.

Miriam Tappe, Google, discussed the innovative AdWords report on conversion attribution, which will be launched soon and use an algorithm to weigh the value of clicks in the context of sales on the path to purchase. This will give us a hint about the most successful campaign which has led to completion of the purchase process. Currently, the attribution model lacks such an option and the fact that Google has a draft version of the report in the Beta phase is good news.

I was most thoroughly impressed by the lecture on “What should SEMites do to earn more and work less”, given by Przemek Modrzewski, who discussed the possible development paths for SEMites in an accessible way. Nothing new, just a different perspective – truly inspiring and thought provoking. Hope others will follow his example. Interestingly, the participants enjoyed the topic so much that it was further explored during a discussion panel, a new item on the SEMcamp agenda. The lecturers had a great opportunity to share their insights as to what the work of a SEM expert should look like. What is interesting, there were differences in opinion 😉


Łukasz Ostrowski

Senior Performance Specialist