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AmCham x Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital in Poland has started cooperation with American Chamber of Commerce.

Everybody wants to go digital today but what does being digital really mean? Is it technology? A new way of engaging customers? Or an entirely new way of doing business?

Hence, on February AmCham inaugurated the first workshop of a series on what companies should practically be thinking or doing when it comes to being digital today. The series will go in-depth on basic digital knowledge, including how to develop digital strategies in companies and drive business performance. Deloitte Digital during presentations with its experts aims to guide AmCham member companies in digital ecosystem.

The first discussions ranged from digital importance, to how to define a starting point and focus on the right strategic direction in the digital transformation and the main components of the Digital Maturity Assessment.

The next workshop wil be held on May 29th on Digital Marketing Trends, their opportunities and risks.