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Breakfast with Salesforce: Customer Journey

You are welcome to join us for our business breakfasts addressed to a narrow circle of participants and featuring a presentation of innovative customer service tools developed based on the Customer Journey concept.

An account of the second and third meeting:

The second of a series of Salesforce business breakfasts was hosted by Deloitte Digital in its Warsaw office on 9 February. The third one was organized in Deloitte’s Wrocław office on 29 March. In a cozy atmosphere, enjoying delicious breakfast, our guests had the opportunity to learn about Customer Journey trends and were given a specific example of implementation. We also presented Omnichannel tools and the use of automation in customer service.

The developments in the market environment are so rapid that enterprises are forced to compete not only for customers but also for talent. They are facing the challenge of effective management of their business in the new digital reality. Adoption of a customer-centric approach requires a focus on customer experience. It is a demanding process to build positive experiences in interactions with a business, which cannot do without the implementation of appropriate tools, such as CRM systems. Digitization of business enables sellers to respond to customer needs in real time, using any device and any channel. Not only does it make the life of consumers easier but it also facilitates work, as staff have access to up-to-date information about the customer and the status of the sales transaction.

Customer experience has become the key area of focus for businesses interested in improving their competitive advantage because of self-learning systems and new market players – startups which deliver personalized products and services. A good price or availability are no longer sufficient to compete for customers successfully. For digital generation consumers brought up on the latest technologies it is clear that there is a choice. If one seller does not offer what they need, they turn to the competition.

Consumers absorb the benefits of technology solutions very quickly and look for similar improvements in other areas of life. They are aware that information concerning their behavior is processed and expect more tailored, faster and smarter service in return. They also take it for granted that each seller will be able to offer them products and/or services considering their previous choices. Those accustomed to using smartphones to identify the fastest way back home every day or to having an app suggest several records with music suiting their preferences, begin to look for the same approach in suit or food sellers. Real-time customer service and “here and now” customer care are possible with the use of such technologies as artificial intelligence or chatbots, which were discussed at the meeting.

Jan Michalski 
– Partner, Deloitte
Wiesław Kotecki
– Director, Deloitte Digital
Joanna Komorowska
– Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Michał Rusinowski
– Account Executive, Salesforce