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Breakfast with Salesforce: Marketing Automation

You are welcome to join us for our business breakfasts addressed to a narrow circle of participants and featuring a presentation of Marketing Automation solutions and trends.

An account of the fourth meeting:

The fourth of a series of Salesforce business breakfasts was hosted by Deloitte Digital in its Warsaw office on 11 April. We discussed the key Marketing Automation trends and presented cross-channel marketing tools. We also shared information on practical business solutions based on specific examples of Performance Marketing.

The line between marketing, sales and customer service is becoming blurred. Facing such changes, in order to survive on the market, businesses have to decide which channels they will use for purposes of communication and stick to their choice. Marketing Automation improves the sales process markedly. That is why it should be an inseparable part of a strategy supported by the management and implemented by all departments across the enterprise. Only then can it deliver measurable results.

A survey conducted by Salesforce reveals that as many as 66% of customers are ready to change brands if they feel that they are treated impersonally. For marketers this means that communication with customers should be maintained to make them feel that the brand is talking to them directly, that it knows them, remembers their tastes and shares their values. And that it offers them products based on those preferences. Although it is not easy to fulfil the needs of demanding customers, technology is of help. Not only does it facilitate the creation of customer interaction paths but also personalization and testing of each component of the message, in addition to cross-channel communication. It is important that customer service staff have access to all information about a consumer, in any location and at any time of the day.

Unfortunately, Marketing Automation experts are still in short supply in Poland. That’s why it is imperative to develop the competencies of personnel. Research shows that interest in that topic is growing. According to Google Trends, the number of Internet users in Poland who are absorbed by Marketing Automation has doubled over the past three years.

Another strategy is to outsource selected processes to third-party agencies which specialize in professional e-mail drafting and preparation. Such materials will be displayed correctly by various types of e-mail software, whether on a PC or a smartphone. One may also use advisory services when defining effective lead generation methods.

Another important issue is whether or not the Marketing Automation system is constantly developed. During the meeting, we tried to convince our guests that it is worth to pay attention to the annual number of updates and to whether the vendor can afford to implement new systems, such as artificial intelligence. One should perceive the choice of a system as a long-term investment. It may satisfy all the functional requirements today, but will it be equally effective in two years? It would also be good to know the cost of new system implementation in advance.


Jan Michalski 
– Partner, Deloitte
Maciej Dakowicz Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Bartosz Fiszer
Senior Consultant Deloitte Digital
Paulina Kiedrowicz
Consultant, Deloitte