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#DDReporters at SM Convent 2017

The 5th edition of the Social Media Convent has just ended. Needless to say, we didn’t fail to show up! It was definitely worth it – not only for delicious cakes and snacks or the breathtaking city of Gdańsk but for the wealth of information shared by the participants. We even got something special. But first things first 😉

The event lasted two days during which discussion panels were held in addition to talks with the participation of experts from Poland and abroad.

We found the speech by Julia Izmalkova, who discussed how lies had taken hold on the Internet and in social media, particularly interesting. Did you know that statistically 86% of people tend to color their resumes?

The expert panel on Thursday, which, unfortunately, was not attended by “Poszukiwacz”, who we adore, continued the discussion on the client-agency relationship. “Chemistry between the agency and the client is key. The more informal the relationship is, the better the chance for long-term and successful cooperation”, concluded Edwin Zasada, Account Director, Tailor Made PR.

Later on, Rahim Blak discussed the issue of sourcing talent in his peculiar, flowery language. He emphasized that it is more important to show real-life situations and build a positive image of the agency than to dazzle potential candidates with stiff job advertisements. He used the example of the #BądźJakRafał campaign, which shows the career path of an employee.

We would also like to praise Piotr Szeleszczuk for his clear and interesting presentation of influencer marketing experiences. He proved that he is the right person to enter into long-term contracts with, focused on a long-standing relationship. Campaigns should show the presence of the brand and its authenticity relative to the brand-influencer action presented in a clear and transparent but not an aggressive way.

Finally, we found the speech by Robert Biedroń, President of the City of Słupsk, particularly endearing. He talked about rebranding the city and using social media for promotional purposes in a funny way.

The second day of the Social Media Convent was opened with a discussion panel entitled: “Building a community based on the example of influencers”, which was attended by influencers themselves. We had the opportunity to learn what opinion leaders think of their relationships with brands and what a profound effect their words, even those which are not conscious statements, have on their fans. And their stories were shared using a truly interesting, sometimes funny language that is unique to each influencer.

We were enormously impressed by a presentation by Marek Magoń, who discussed the issue of linguistic relativity in social media.  Isn’t it incredible that some concepts are simply untranslatable? He made us aware of what we should focus on while planning global marketing campaigns and how to make them consistent when it seems virtually impossible due to undeniable cultural differences that can be found around the world.

We found the presentation by Jan Ożarowski from Snapstars, who shared his experience gained in the course of Snapchat campaigns, particularly inspiring, too. Not only did he show us how to use this SOME channel differently but also shared his awesome case studies based on campaigns launched for multiple industry brands.

We spent the breaks in the Social Media Expo zone, where social media industry projects were presented, had pictures taken in Instagram-like frames and shot a short boomerang in a specially-designed YouTube frame. Surprise, surprise: thanks to our video we were among the winners of an SM Convent and Stena Line competition and got a “Weekend at Sea” voucher. How will we use it? You’ll find out soon… 😉

SM Convent is an industry conference during which social media experts share their knowledge and experience in a clear and accessible way. We are very happy that we could take part in the fifth, jubilee edition of the event. We came back with a bunch of inspiring ideas, inexhaustible new energy and a fresh look at the social media, which will surely produce tangible results in the future.

Not to mention the weekend cruise voucher… 😉






Martyna Kisiel, Junior Social Media Executive

Łukasz Korczewski, Senior Social Media Executive