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Deloitte Digital and Salesforce.com team up in Central Europe

People are more connected than ever, with the customer at the center of the digital experience. This is why customer service has become for companies one of the key areas of focus. The solutions offered by Salesforce.com are the best customer experience building tools available on the market today. Deloitte Digital hast the status of Global Strategic Partner of Salesforce.com in over 30 countries worldwide. Now the benefits of our alliance can be reaped by firms from Poland and other Central European states.

Companies in our region are growing very fast and so they want to provide their clients not only with top quality goods and services but above all they want to create for them a superior customer experience. Deloitte Digital experts will enrich the offering of Salesforce.com contributing their deep industry knowledge and experience gained from over a thousand implementations projects.

Challenge us to help you drive your digital transformation using the Salesforce platform!