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Deloitte Digital for Star Chips

PepsiCo has named the successful tender for a creative idea and implementation of digital measures for the Star brand. The tender was announced in January 2017. The best among the agencies that had received the invitation to tender was Deloitte Digital

which will now be responsible for the implementation and organisation of a new image-building campaign. The objective of the campaign is to reposition the brand among other savour snacks. The work is scheduled to start in spring 2017.

Katarzyna Rogowska, Brand Manager for the Star, Mr Snaki and Sunbites brands says that the winning tender was chosen in consideration of the target group, brand strategic objectives and a distinctive concept.

At present the terms and conditions of cooperation are being agreed by both parties.

Star is yet another new client of Deloitte Digital. The agency won a number of tenders and as of the end of 2016 added to its client portfolio Pizza Hut, Mazda and Getin Bank, while PepsiCo extended cooperation on Pepsi and Mirinda brands.