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Digital Marketing in Shots

Digital transformation in business is clearly visible in marketing. Over recent years, thanks to new technologies, marketing activities have become much more effective and more precise, especially in terms of reaching target groups and sales support. Technological changes also forced a change in the perspective and way of communicating with the client. That is why we decided to launch a communication campaign addressed to managers, senior managers and directors, as well as all those for whom modern marketing communication is an unquestionable value for the strategy of the entire organization.

Its elements include, among others, the monthly Digital Marketing newsletter, which is aimed at discussing trends and phenomena related to digitization. For those who do not have the time to read everything, we have planned cyclic podcasts of Digital Updates – interviews on very important topics, led by Adam Przeździęka, trendwatcher and the author of the Mediafeed blog. It is an opportunity to stay up to date with information that is very practical in analyzing topics such as customer journey, social media, e-commerce, data management, the use of systems and solutions tailored to the nature of the business we run. An appropriate introduction of an organization into the process of digital transformation today determines its competitive advantage. It is worth joining the group of companies that do it consciously and wisely.

In the Digital Marketing newsletter, the most experienced practitioners from Deloitte Digital share tips on how to make a digital transformation in marketing and modern sales channels says Krzysztof Wąsowski, Marketing and Communications Manager, project leaderEach edition focuses on one, narrow area from different perspectives. Here you can find texts relating to social media, mobile channels, creating effective content, experience design, effective sales activities focused on the conversion and analytics as well as measuring the effects of activities. Experts in their texts will consider the potential and consequences of digitization of each of these areas from several perspectives, technological, databased, legal and efficiency management.

The three-month cycle of publications is topped by B2B meetings – Digital Shots, during which Deloitte Digital specialists strip the subject of digital transformation down. You can still register for the first of the series, which will take place on March 28th. Effective methods of acquiring customers using data, analytics and user experience with be the theme.


The Digital Marketing by Deloitte Digital communication project was launched in January 2018.