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Dreamforce’16 conference coverage

Daniel Martyniuk, Deloitte Digital Director on the road!

The distance between Warsaw and San Francisco exceeds 9,500 km, which means a 15-hour flight and a nine-hour time difference. Nevertheless, the experience, knowledge and energy gained there compensate for any inconvenience related to the trip.  What a feeling to spend four days at Dreamforce, the world’s largest technology conference, organized by Salesforce.com, one of the largest technology companies on this planet.

According to certain opinions, this year the number of Dreamforce participants approximated 175,000. Since San Francisco itself has slightly over 800,000 inhabitants, it is hard to believe that their number grew by almost 25 percent during the event.  This is an enormous success compared to the first conference in 2003, which attracted merely 1,300 people.

Salesforce.com is a world leader providing advanced applications that offer sales support, client service, automated marketing and other functionalities, all of them operating in the cloud, i.e. available only through the web.  They do not require laborious implementation and ensure high security level and flexibility. At the same time, their users do not need to maintain their own IT infrastructure.

According to the newest ranking by Forbes, Salesforce.com is the world’s second most innovative business (closely following Tesla)  and has been among the ranking leaders for six consecutive years.  Since the moment of taking first steps in 1999, Salesforce.com has been revolutionising the computer software market.  Thanks to continuous innovation process, it has been progressing from success to success. During each subsequent Dreamforce event, new state-of-the-art solutions have been presented.

This year, artificial intelligence developed by Salesforce.com and named Einstein was the hit. Einstein was presented as a solution embedded in Salesforce.com’s cloud.  It is based on the deep learning concept, natural language processing, machine learning and predictive analytics to allow automated discovering material patterns, predicting future behaviour, actively recommending best next steps, and even automating tasks. Thanks to Einstein everyone may have their own private data scientist.

Commerce Cloud, a form of DemandWare, was another significant debut at Dreamforce’16.  Salesforce has undoubtedly dominated the market. The giant purchase of DemandWare (dedicated to B2C), apart from CloudCraze, the current e-commerce partner (dedicated to B2B), has rationalised the firm’s strategy in this respect. Currently, digital e-commerce is a key requirement of omni-channel initiatives for a large number of clients.

I am happy to have been one of over 500 Deloitte representatives coming from more than 25 countries to spend a few days in San Francisco.  Dreamforce is a perfect occasion to learn more about the current and new solutions offered by Salesforce.com.  The event has provided an opportunity to meet a large number of people from around the world and to participate in a fabulous concert given by stars of rock (this year by U2, my favourite band).

 All in all, in such circumstances the cloud technology becomes contagious!