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Experience Design supports the labour market

The Warsaw School of Social Psychology has completed the seventh edition of post-graduate studies in the field of User Experience.  These are the first studies of this kind in Poland and one with the most extensive curriculum in Europe. Those interested in UX may study in three cities: Warsaw, Wrocław and Katowice. The founder of the faculty and the author of the syllabus is Hubert Anyżewski, Head of Experience Design, Director at Deloitte Digital Central Europe. Deloitte Digital has been the partner of the course since 2016.

User Experience is the main factor in the choice of solution by the users. Over the seven years of UX Design studies we have been teaching how to create a product, starting with a needs analysis with users, through product strategy and modelling the prototype which has undergone interactive tests. The course prepares UX designers for work in design teams and teach the UX defining techniques,

says Hubert Anyżewski.

The UX Design studies teach how to design the user experience of products and services (UX, CX and Service Design aspects). The course is addressed to persons who are beginners, but also to experienced designers who regularly analyse and develop electronic solutions.  It consists of two semesters and requires a dissertation and presentation of a product prototype to complete the course. Enrolment runs through the end of March and beginning of April. So far there had been 500 graduates. In June this group was expanded by 29 design teams, i.e. 145 persons who had defended their dissertation and received a UX Designer diploma.

Among the teaching staff is Bartłomiej Kozieł, Head of Experience Design at Deloitte Digital. The graduates may be offered a paid internship at the UX Department at Deloitte Digital.

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