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Great idea and then what…?

Deloitte Digital is a partner at Element Talks : very excited to be spending weekend with the design community.

Design as a discipline is evolving by the day and unlocking alternative ways for companies to do business. Young designers are either finding their way into the boardrooms of big corporations or already making first steps of their carriers in the advertising agencies. Great ideas and designs is for most of them an easy part. What they are really struggling with is how to successfully present them to others and how to build an effective cooperation with their environment: clients, subcontractor and coworkers. During two days of the conference Element Talks, young, creative designers will have a chance to learn it.

We are happy that among many inspiring talks and workshops that stand on the Element Talks agenda, there are two led by Deloitte Digital and one by Deloitte. Every day our experts share their experience, knowledge and business feeling with clients, partners and other experts from digital world. This weekend they will have a chance to share it with young, bright-eyed designers, who are just starting their carriers. We encourage you to join us at:

  • Werner Puchert – “Breakfast with the CEO” (how to talk to and with the C-suite)
  • Roman Łoziński – “Different world” (when it is worth to get fully engaged in the business relationship)
  • Marcin Skucz – “Communicating your design” (how to design and deliver effective presentations)

Stay tuned!

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