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How to choose the most party mix of the year?

It’s not that simple. Especially if 10 super cool mixes with the right attitude compete for this title.

To address the needs of activation for Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, Mountain Dew and Rockstar we organized a real feast of refreshment! We created juicy mixes that enraptured fans with their WOW effect. And this is how Rebel Bąbel, Lemonaliza or Rocksplozja became the canon of party refreshment.

How the activation worked? For almost 2 months fans have been deciding which mix is the most one. Every week 2 gigants of refreshment met on the ring and the winner was getting to the next round. Competition was fierce, fans deeply involved, and mixes were delightfully tasty!

The finale looked like any other finale – emotions, emotions and even more emotions. Rebel Bąbel knocked out the last competitor and won itself not only a place on podium but also an entrance to the coolest parties of the season.

All mixes can be found here. Don’t forget to take our party quiz and find out how to make those mocktails at home.