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How to create an effective content marketing?

All signs in heaven and the Internet show that the meaning of content marketing increases with every year. We know that, so do the experts from IAB Poland. In their latest publication they brought together 20 case studies of advertising campaigns where content marketing played a key role. Two of them were created by Digital One!

First one is the Pepsi Light Lemon Light Collection. We invited 4 popular fashion bloggers to work with us on this project: Karolina Baszak, Venila Kostis, Cajmel and Maddinka. Playing with fashion stylizations helped us to engage users, create interest in product and increase number of fans on Facebook!

The second campaign for brands McCormick and Kamis was also performed in cooperation with bloggers – this time the ones who write food blogs. The task was to create dishes inspired by the trendbook, „Trendy w smakach [Trends in tastes]”, publish them on a blog and submit by using a special application „Blog w 5 trendach [Blog in 5 trends]”. Fans of good cuisine had a chance to publish their own recipes in a real cook book!

Take a look and download the e-book for free: click!