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How to crown your feelings towards your mum on Mother’s Day?

Create a crown worthy her uniqueness in a contest application we made for Sephora Poland!

This Facebook application is our way of complementing the campaign Queen Mum that takes place at stationary stores where you can find special offer of royal gifts for great mums. Because we all know that our mums just deserve this title for kindly ruling our hearts… and world 😉 The only thing missing is… a crown! This is where we step in: our app lets users create crowns suitable for Her Majesty Mum and explain why their mums are queens. They fight for royal prizes: Sephora Gift Cards and bouquets of flowers delivered to mums personally!

This wasn’t the first action we prepared for Sephora. We’ve been working with the brand since May 2012, when we first spoke for it in Polish language on its fan page on Facebook. Since then we have gatherd almost 220 thousand fans, organized a lot of prize-contests and answered millions of questions. We are also behind creations for Sephora’s HR Facebook profile and an interactive beauty blog Blogmakijaż. We are beauty experts and world of trends, make-up and fashion keeps no secrets from us!