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How to get on the top of the list of Sotrender report?

The secret is a proper communication strategy and… a charm of one special cheetah 🙂

We speak in the voice of Chester on CheetosPL Facebook profile since January. His character attracts lots of new fans. Thanks to this, fan page grows unceasingly and most of all – engages fans! According to the latest Sotrender report we jumped over 76 places to get on the honorable second place. We have created even more buzz in “Most interactive websites” category where we moved 81 places up!

The key to the success was matching the content with the target group and using engaging activations. During the first phase of communication we launched a campaign “Najedz się starchu [Eat up your fears]”, which generated creepingly good feedback. Chester was playing along with skeletons, demons and vampires and instantly won fans’ hearts! In the meantime he was telling about contest and lotteries and made offers no one could refuse – it caused us a lot of engagement. Next months are going to be even more exciting. Chester will have a lot to talk about, and profile CheetosPL will go for gold in every category. Because why not?