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How to make MEGA-X-MASS out of just X-MASS.

Everything started with ordinary gifts and we ended up with unique MEGAgifts constructed by famous bloggers. Step by step:

  1. Pepsi sent us a brief for a Christmas campaign
  2. “HO-HO-HO” we thought, and get to work
  3. After many hours of all kinds of storms and other brain works it became clear we were working on MEGA-x-mass.

And the machine started up.

Famous bloggers joined the action. Lisie Piekło, Cyber Marian, chłopaki z 5 sposobów na… and TheChwytak and DjWiktor taken up the challenge of constructing MEGAgifts. We sent the Pepsi headphones which under a great force of imagination and incredible skills turned into unusual gadgets.

This was another year we let Pepsi fans on Facebook be MEGAcreative and write their MEGAwishes which constituted a basic material for a video.


This is how we made you feel MEGAchristmas this year!