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How to prepare for the future and face digital challenges?

Nearly 90% of top executives who participated in a global survery carried out by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte expect a digital transformation in their industries. Still, only 44% of them declare that their companies are prepared for the changes to come.

Digital transformation gains momentum. Transformation affects entire strategies, structures and processes. Development of employees and building an adequate organizational culture has become increasingly important, says Jan Michalski, Salesforce Practice CE Leader, Partner, Deloitte Digital. Still, most organizations have to face constraints resulting from insufficient resources, the talent gap and current priorities, which can shift their focus away from long-term investments.

Digital maturity level has been growing steadily. Led by change-focused tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a clear vision, digitally mature organizations are able to effect necessary changes.

A vast majority of companies (75%), however, have only just started or are in the process of the digital transformation.

The risk of late or inappropriate transformation is growing. It can also affect the market position and the company’s business. 30% of top executives intend to leave their organizations in the next 12 months if the companies fail to follow the digital path and become a digital leader.

Irrespective of the size, transformation is a great challenge for any organization. That is why it is always easier to follow the example of a leader. Participation in a Salesforce Essentials conference organized on 11 May in Warsaw may become a great opportunity to start a dialogue with market pioneers, says Edyta Żenczykowska, Director, Salesforce. The event will be attended by CFOs and other top executives, who want to discuss the most effective methods of transformation and meet new partners who can contribute support them in the process.

Strategy, creation and technology are the key areas were assistance is needed. Transformation usually starts with the as-is analysis and the vision of the target solution. Implementation, i.e. technology selection, process changes and development of appropriate competencies should also be paid much attention, adds Jan Michalski. ‘That is why seasoned Deloitte Digital experts with a proven track record in regional and global projects offer comprehensive services to our clients.

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