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Is your business already content?

Last week we were participating at IAB Fourm. Main theme of the event was “Adapt or die. Building a business in digital consumer era”. At the second day of the conference our CEO Olgierd Cygan gave a speech about the best content marketing projects from around the world. You could hear about a TV series created for a fast food restaurant Chipotle, a full-time movie “LEGO®: The Adventures of Clutch Powers”, and a documentary „The Next Black”.

What else did we find out?

1) From Yuri Drabent that social media activations shouldn’t be treated as an addition to the main campaign.

2) From Ewelina Sławatyńska and Piotr Adamczyk that the level of users’ engagement in the interactive campaign is much higher on the entertainment platforms rather than on business ones.

3) From Karol Kowalski that viral doesn’t need to be short to enchant users.

4) From Grzegorz Chyliński that sometimes mobile actions can give you a shiver…

We’re glad that so many great speakers shared their experience with us! If you’re curious about what our Account Executive Krystyna Bajor, thinks of this years’ Forum, click HERE.