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Marketing in the age of virtual reality

According to Deloitte forecast, the value of global market of virtual reality in 2016 will for the first time reach 1 billion dollars. Is VR the future of marketing? – on September 28 and 29 this question will be answered by world-renowned experts invited to Filmteractive in Lodz. During the event we will present the effects of their cooperation with Oculus and prerelease Oculus Touch controllers.

Deloitte estimates that up to 10 million games and 2,5 million VR devices (priced more than $30) will be sold on global market, generating accordingly 300 and 700 million dollar revenue. The real revolution will begin with Oculus Touch – groundbreaking virtual reality  controllers, responsive to hand movement and gestures, providing realistic experience. The effects of cooperation with prerelease Oculus Touch will be demonstrated by the organizer of the event – Deloitte Digital.

–  The first version of goggles, Oculus Rift DK1, initiated the VR race. While originally intended to revolutionize the gaming world, VR was quickly adopted by new media and brands, and utilized to intensify the message and consumer interaction. The advertising market is evolving because of virtual reality, which found its place also in the world of business says Olgierd Cygan, founding father of Filmteractive and Deloitte Digital Agency Managing Partner. – In particular areas the potential of the technology has a chance to fully develop and bring tangible profit. Thus, VR became one of the main topics of this year’s edition of Filmteractive. We hope you will join us there.

 At specially prepared zone, VR Cinema by Samsung will make an appearance, allowing the visitors to immerse in VR using Samsung Gear devices. Possibilities of using virtual reality in modern communication will be discussed at Filmteractive by renowned speakers from, among other countries, Poland, France and Singapore – creators, representatives of global brands, new media experts and venture investors.

Morgan Bouchet – Director Digital Content & Innovation Head of VR, Orange, France – believes that in the short term VR headsets will keep being a niche market. That is why he will explore the VR’s potential from the perspective of its applications for a mass market and emphasize the customers and companies’ need to try it and understand it.

Virtual reality will be confronted with realities of business by Łukasz Kosuniak – Head of Enterprise Marketing, Samsung Electronics, Poland. In his opinion, although Virtual Reality technology has been designed for entertainment industry, it can be efficiently utilized for business application.  At Filmteractive he will present the most interesting projects based on real implementations and indicate areas of business with the highest potential of using the technology.

Filmteractive would be incomplete without a creative duo Kissinger Twins – Kasia Kiefert and Dawid Marcinkowski – known from previous editions of the festival. This time in their interactive and visual exploration of history they will take us on a journey from Flash to VR.

Ideas for VR application will be also presented by representatives of start-ups in a specially prepared innovation zone.

 Full Filmteractive programme available at: www.filmteractive.eu/programme