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Social Media 2016 – trends, changes and challenges

Social media trends, flops and challenges have been analyzed by Piotr Podgajny, Social Media Manager.

The most interesting trends in 2016

This may seem obvious but … video. A growing number of video content viewers, Facebook’s bias in favor of video and live video content, development of live video, a battle among Facebook, YouTube and Snap Inc., Facebook copying Snapchat in all respects and without any compromises (Instagram Stories, Messenger Day and Stories in WhatsApp), Facebook’s introduction of the vertical video service for mobile devices, or the spectacular market entry of Spectacles… All this shows how popular video content has become recently. And what I mean here is not only the regular video content but, most of all, the one that may be displayed on mobile devices, fleeting, recorded here and now, which may be imperfect, not worked out in detail but which is definitely authentic.

What will change in 2017?

I expect stronger focus on a detailed analysis of SM activities. For me, the era of looking at engagement or social media reach only is coming to an end. A growing number of brands are interested in how social media activity translates into sales and brand ratings, in addition to how to optimize initiatives on the basis of such data.

What trends can we expect in 2017?

Content automation and personalization. Here, messenger bots demonstrate a huge potential. A personal shopping assistant in the messenger? A virtual, interactive weather assistant? Personalized news from around the world? This already exists, is happening (automatically) and is being developed!

And don’t forget about VR, which is progressing by leap and bounds, which has recently been shown by Zuckerberg, who has presented a virtual call using Oculus in combination with messenger.