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The first Salesforce business breakfast

We would like to invite you to our informal business breakfast meetings during which we present the best Customer Experience solutions.  

Imagine that you begin your day by eating a delicious breakfast in a good company. This is how we do it – please join us!

Highlights of the first breakfast meeting:

How to combine the dynamics of start-ups with the stability of a corporation?

The first Salesforce business breakfast meeting was held on January 17, in the Pod Różą Hotel in Cracow. We talked about collecting data about website viewers, a central omni-channel platform for customer service, the 360-degree customer view and the 360-degree company view under the report module.
As part of our discussion on company websites, we touched upon the topic of progressive forms – in order not to overwhelm the customer with the quantity of the required information, it is advisable to divide it so that every time a form is filled out, different data is requested. This will allow the company to collate a wide range of information about the customer. Generally, customers are wary of providing their data and they are more inclined to give single items of information than to fill out a complicated form in one sitting.

We presented how Salesforce Service Cloud allows easy management of phones, Facebook posts, the chat, e-mails… from a single screen. All the information provided by the customer is displayed in real time. Additionally, if the company does not respond to the client in due course, the system sends response reminders – in that way the issue of leaving the customer’s s query unattended is avoided.

The system gathers all information about customer touchpoints (e.g. products purchased, contracts, etc.) – everything is interlinked within one system and the entire communication with the client occurs within the 360-degree customer view.

The Report Module is especially valuable for senior executives – reports based on all data contained in the system can be prepared by dragging and dropping, and each report can be viewed in the form of a diagram.  Then the diagrams can be combined into desktops allowing us to see all KPIs together in real time.

Deloitte Digital experts made a live presentation of how the system works using the example of one of the possible customer paths – from the moment of filling out the form on the company’s website through the sale and post-transaction support via a social network. A representative of Salesforce also answered questions. We talked about the actual benefits that can be drawn from the implementation of Salesforce tools and the licensing model.



Jan Michalski – Partner, Deloitte

Joanna Komorowska – Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Michał Rusinowski – Account Executive, Salesforce