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The game is on!

Is it possible to reach UEFA Champions League Final starting off from a trolley stop?

Thanks to Pepsi #Ticket Hunt – IT IS 😀

For a short while a trolley stop in Gdynia became the center of football universe. One day before UEFA Final, an outdoor advertising displayed famous sports commentators: Smakowski and Twarowski. Without a warning, the sportscasters chatted up people waiting for a bus. How did they react? With surprise, shock, happiness, amusement but also a bit of frustration.

How could they get the tickets for UEFA Final? They had to comment an arrival of a trolley – and do it as an enthusiastic sports commentary. The most creative participants received a voucher for UEFA Final, flight and accommodation.

Pepsi – as a UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE sponsor – enabled 3 winners with their partners to witness the match live.


Check the whole action: