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The Universe is the limit?

Wearables is currently one of the fastest growing technological trends in the United States and it has recently picked up pace in Poland as well. To cater for this trend, Deloitte Digital offers to its clients more and more applications and solutions utilizing smart devices and products. The agency is presently working on projects for Oculus and Samsung Gear. This spring Deloitte has released a smartwatch game “Digital Galaxy”.

According to Gartner forecast, smartwatch market has the biggest potential of sales growth of all wearables and it is predicted that in 2019 it will reach a value of 17,5 billion dollars. Gartner analysts anticipate that by 2017 smartwatch user base will have grown by 48%, mainly by popularizing wearables trend as a lifestyle choice. Despite such forecasts, the market of games and applications utilizing wearables is still not well developed and experience of Polish and global companies in this matter is not broad.

To expand its competencies in that area, Deloitte Digital created “Digital Galaxy” – a game for smartwatch users. The objective of the game is to hit a planet passing through the screen with an asteroid: you have to touch the display of your smartwatch in a correct moment to fire a missile. Gameplay is simple and intuitive – it can provide entertainment during a boring tram journey or a long wait in a queue.

Smartwatches are still quite a novelty in Poland and barriers to market entry include lack of knowledge about their hidden potential and relatively narrow experience of companies in developing dedicated applications and games. The market of smartwatches is currently beginning to shape and I believe than soon Polish consumers will appreciate the fact that smartwatches are more than yet another gadget – says Michał Rygiel, Head of Digital Development Deloitte Digital. – Wearables and IoT services have been introduced by our company for more than a year. We have focused on projects based on leap motion controller, designing games for our clients and our own employer branding schemes. Currently we are working on solutions utilizing devices such as Oculus or Samsung Gear. We are still researching potential of smartwatches, we are experimenting. A possibility of adapting “Digital Galaxy” for other platforms i.e. Samsung Gear and Apple watchOS 2 is discussed.    


„Digital Galaxy” game is available on Google Play