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The world of advertisement revolves around… what exactly?

This year’s MIPTV fair in Cannes is over! We got coverage from the first row from our special envoy – Olgierd Cygan. This year’s edition distinctively differed from earlier ones because digital matters were in the center of interests. Where did this change came from? One must admit that TV is far behind trends. Favourite device of younger users are their smartphones and tablets. They resign from watching TV with no regrets. Patient is not one their strengths – they can’t focus on long content even if they’re interested in it. What does it mean for producers and advertisers?

Young generation, so called millenials, spend less and less time at once even on the content they are interested in. 87% of Netflix session (which is a supplier of attractive and long content) lasts … less than 10 minutes! That has a direct effect on length of short film forms which now lasts 3,7 minutes compared to 5,1 minutes in 2013 – writes in his coverage Olgierd Cygan.
In 2015 we will welcome new generation of users called Generation Z! What’s special about them? Thanks to social media they create their own celebrities and authorities. They are even more impatient and mobile than millennials and they don’t watch TV just like them.

There’s hope for TV though. Upcoming years will bring interesting transformations of this medium. We could see the trailer of them in new applications and formats presented during the fair.
You can find full coverage of MIPTV trade in Cannes on Wirtualne Media website.