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Triple victory at KTR 2017!

Deloitte Digital won 3 awards for Up Up Hippo eco-application in this year’s competition organized by Klub Twórców Reklamy, an organization associating advertising producers. We received two silver swords in PR&Event and Media categories, and a bronze award in Active Advertising category. Ticket Hunt for Pepsi and Merry Xma5 for Mazda projects were also nominated for the award. In total, we got 7 nominations!

‘This year’s KTR competition was particularly important for us, as Deloitte Digital participated for the first time. We are very happy that three projects: Merry Xma5 for Mazda, Ticket Hunt and Up Up Hippo for Pepsi were highly appreciated by the industry. Two silver swords, one bronze award and seven nominations is a pretty impressive result as for a newcomer. KTR is considered the top advertising competition in Poland with very ambitious projects, hence our success was highly satisfying for the team. The award-winning Up Up Hippo is an educational initiative combining gaming and innovative use of technologies. I am sure we will carry out similar projects in future,’ says Mateusz Książek, Creative Director at Deloitte Digital CE.

The main character of the winning project Up Up Hippo is a friendly, but slightly clumsy hippo, who needs a few plastic bottles to move. When crushing a plastic bottle a player helps the hippo fly, swim, jump and, finally, complete the mission – put the plastic bottle into the right container. Up Up Hippo is an educational challenge: children learn that flattening bottles can save space in a dustbin and protect the environment.

 Swords awarded during the KTR gala were not the first awards granted to Up Up Hippo. The application received FWAMobile of the day award and Innovation 2017 silver award in Innovative Media category.


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