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VR – a challenge for 2017

Wondering how to become known online?

The answer is simple: video, VR and vloggers. Anna Kasprzyk, Senior Account Executive, comments on the most effective online activities.

For some time now, vloggers, who are not only present in YouTube but also publish their content in such social media as Instagram or Snapchat, have been winning popularity. Young people are tracking technology trends and adopting them with ease. Thus, the audience using alternative communication channels is constantly growing. This, in turn, poses a challenge to brands, which are forced to search for the most effective ways of communication so as to address the needs of consumers and reach them using the most suitable medium and format. Online video production is an instance of such a new communication method.

The video to be published online differs from other production in terms of its content, length or structure. It has to suit the needs of the selected target audience, should not be longer than 2-3 minutes and build up suspense, surprise and enable consumers to identify with the situation at the same time. Today, there’s no room for direct, traditional online advertising. In order to be successful, one has to catch consumers’ interest in their natural environment.

Virtual reality offers not only unprecedented experiences but also unimaginable emotions and encounters to consumers. It takes interaction to a whole new level, just like 360 video or AR. VR demonstrates a huge potential, not only as regards digital productions, which are able to transform advertising through technology, but also communication in general.