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We shift up and … launched a new page for Mazda Poland!

We redesigned, totally changed and created a new page www.filozofiamazdy.pl

Purpose? The user friendly site and approximating the spirit of Mazda Philosophy.

“The philosophy of the Mazda” is part of the new brand strategy, whose main message is to reap the joy of life, breaking the schemes and being yourself in any situation. The new brand idea highlights a condition in which the most important is what is currently experienced – mindfulness. The main slogan on the side and the campaign slogan is “HERE AND NOW”, which is developed on the basis of moments and emotions: Independence. HERE AND NOW, Freedom. HERE AND NOW, Passion. HERE AND NOW, Live. HERE AND NOW.

 “The philosophy of the Mazda”  for years has introduces this idea to design of new models, as well as the associated story. Important is aesthetics, manifested in the line of cars, and the same page.