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We wish you a Merry Xma5!

At the end of 2016, in cooperation with Mazda Poland, we have prepared some stunning Xmas crackers for its clients at. It was a competition in which the prize was a test drive of the stylish Mazda MX-5 top down to get a Christmas tree. The event turned out to be a real Xmas hit, attracting over 400 participants during those few days.

It has all started with a link post to a dedicated website published in early December on Mazda Poland fanpage. It announced a competitionthe main prize was a Xmas test drive of Mazda MX-5 Convertible!

MerryXma5.com displayed a smartphone; to take part in the competition, users had to enter their phone numbers. To their utter surprise, they have received a phone call from Santa, who presented them with a competition task and listened to their responses.

During those few days Santa was up to his ears in work. More than 400 people wanted to test drive Mazda MX-5 for Christmas! Santa, having spent 200 minutes listening to the responses, selected the winners.

The lucky car lovers had a chance to take a ride around Warsaw and bring Christmas trees to their homes in this iconic convertible. Thanks to one of the winners, one Christmas tree went to a children’s home in Warsaw. The Santa turned out to be very generous offering three drivers handmade ornaments in the shape of splendid Mazda MX-5.

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