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Weekendar 2017 – there is more to life than your To-Do list!

At the year-end, we asked ourselves a question: the increasing number of duties, tasks and due dates added to our calendars puts us off – what should we do about it? It turns out that the answer is quite simple – focus on the weekends!

This rationale underlies our Weekendar – an ideal calendar that zeros in on the weekends. It contains 52 ideas for creative and exciting ways to spend your free time woven inbetween five-day workweeks that only serve as interludes.

At the beginning we set ourselves the following objectives: the calendar was to be prepared for the company, tailored to the needs of the team, it was to serve the purpose of office work planning and organization, and it should be aesthetically pleasing.

After a brainstorming session we came to the conclusion that the key is to concentrate on the weekends –   after all, it is only during weekends that we find the time to pursue our hobbies. A typical calendar is filled with meetings, tasks and deadlines, as a rule, weekdays take up most of the space while weekends are soft-pedalled. So, we decided to turn things around and make a Weekendar where weekends are most important, creative, colourful, and contain foolproof recipes for a great time. What can be done over the weekend? Anything scheduled in your Weekendar.

Already at the designing stage the Weekendar was intended to be a gold mine with 52 ideas of how to spend the best part of the week. The graphic design work includes more than 120 vector graphics, and our copy department has come up with over 200 witty and unique catchphrases. We incorporated all these into three hundred and twenty pages of our Weekendar. Among other things, you will find there advice on how to get ready for an old-school event, how to make a double Rittberger jump in February, or how to compliment your girlfriend on 8 March. All ideas are inspired by or otherwise associated with the cyclic change of the seasons and calendar holidays.

Our Weekendar will guide you on your journey through 52 original ideas for your active, or idle, slightly crazy or totally wild weekend ;D