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What do consumers and marketers think about content marketing?

The report prepared in cooperation with PBI has been just published! In February-March issue of Media&Marketing Poland magazine we can get a closer look at content marketing and read marketers’ and consumers’ opinions about it. There always are two sides of a coin!

Content Marketing Special Report has been worked out on the basis of two surveys:

  1. Opinion poll among directors and managers of marketing and public relations departments
  2. Online opinion poll content marketing materials among internet users

Thanks to combination of those two polls we obtained a broader view of content marketing issue. We got to know both the creators and the receivers of the messages. And on the basis of the comparison of the two sides’ views we could come to several conclusions on how content marketing in Poland is perceived.

The origins of the report

The idea of creating the report arose during Filmteractive 2015 which keynote was content marketing. The conference was attended by advertising specialists from all over the world who inspired us to researching content marketing trend at Polish market.

You can read the report in Media&Marketing Poland and the results of the survey are available here.