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What kind of powers has a D1’s red button?

It is known that in Digital One we like non-standard recruitment events – we already have given out to strangers coffee on a train from Lodz to Warsaw, we’ve sent valentines card to candidates we had a crush on and created an interactive game that won the hearts of all the people at the IT trades.

Now we present a button that holds powerful possibilities. By using it one can step in to the fascinating world of coding, create applications and summon websites to life. However, its most valuable function is constant and systematical increase of a bank account 🙂 It was designed to find a right person for the position of Junior Web Developer.

Where did we search? At the places that are full of young and talented people – Lodz’s academies! We’ve already visited Politechnika Łódzka and now we’re heading for University of Lodz, Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Umiejętności and Społeczna Akademia Nauk. We’re giving out red buttons with QR codes. All you need to is scan it to apply for the position. Due to its design the button has one more important function which is… guarding your keys ;D