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What makes Pepsi Max taste this max?

That is the question! Consumers and bloggers answered it during last year campaign for Pepsi.

There were many various hypothesis: some claimed that the mysterious ingredient of Pepsi Max was dinosaur’s tears, others voted for pirates bones. Internauts were able to show their ideas in form of dialogues for commercial. The best of them were recorded and showcased on tv.

Bloggers also did their job and bravely searched for the mysterious ingredient of Pepsi Max. Nothing could stop them! One of the bloggers – Gonciarz, ended up on Ishigaki Island in Japan, in the middle of…. nowhere 🙂

Video coverage of the search can be found here: www.pepsimax.pl

Pepsi Max campaign was displayed not only on the Internet, but also on television and was promoted via outdoor commercials. Our key visual was present in various cities, formats, and adaptations.