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What marks has Deloitte Digital got from Kennedy and Gartner?

The highest! 🙂

We hate to sing our own praises, but… renowned information technology research and advisory firms Gartner and Kennedy Research recently named Deloitte Digital global leader in customer experience strategy and implementation services and this makes us really, really proud.

The authors of the Kennedy report “Digital Customer Strategy & Experience Consulting” emphasize that it is Deloitte’s insights about the digital market and “its willingness to take risk, combined with its ability to align the firm’s considerable resources behind the investment, that allowed the firm to quickly build up what has become the largest and among the most accomplished digital consulting agencies.”

And Gartner has named Deloitte Digital a leader in CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services for the fourth consecutive year, highlighting clear vision of market direction and building competencies to sustain our leadership position in the market.

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