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What’s inside D1’s bag?

The main theme of the very first TED conference in Łódź – TEDxPiotrkowskaStreet – was the Pulse of Change. Why is that? Because Łódź changes for the better every day! Participants received goodie bags which were meant to inspire them to change as well. Since we are partners of the event rooted in Łódź (with our heart, brain, office…), there was also a gift from us – capacious, fashionable bags for ideas.

During the lectures, listeners were given a lot of inspiration and motivation to work, and some pretty great ideas as well. Of course we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t bring another one to the table: start working for D1!

Inside the bags there were also packs of designer stickers. Participants could use them to tag their friends who are lost in the gloomy, everyday routine and motivate them to change their jobs!