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What’s the connection between sunshine and Internet?

Together with Lipton Ice Tea we have created the most sunny event of the summer online and offline.

Sunvan traveled across Poland showing the bright side of refreshment. Its team visited most positive places and the best summer parties and let everybody try the taste of real tea, juicy fruit and a bit of sunshine – all that’s best about new Lipton Ice Tea! All Sunvan events were closely connected to online actions.

Before Sunvan was ready to go it had been tanked with refreshment by the users playing a simple game in which they had to connect all the elements of the hosepipe to connect the refreshment pomp with the van. Fun pumped itself up because the more players joined the game the more prices were there to be won. After 10 days there were 55 thousand played games.

During the action users could also show their skill playing with the interactive banner and driving Sunvan.

Altogether, there were 50 thousand people refreshed in real events and 415 thousand unique entries to dedicated campaign site.

Not only Lipton Ice Tea fans appreciated our campaign but also juries of prestige contests. Sunny action for Lipton Ice Tea was awarded in Games category and nominated in Mobile Application category at MIXX Awards and granted twice in Kreatura contest in Digital/ Integrated Campaign and Mobile Application/Games.