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Will live streaming on Facebook become a hit?

The meaning of live streaming on Facebook increases constantly. Soon it might become even more important because of the changes in algorithm. Shortly, videos from Live Video platform will appear on top positions in users’ news feeds. Facebook shared the platform at the end of January.

We asked our experts what those changes mean for the marketers.

– Though people like natural content, I don’t think that brands will decide to implement livestreaming as a steel element in their communication – says Adrian Kwiatkowski, Social Media Executive. – Things may turn out in a different way when it comes to influencers, because they are more fond of experiments in communication – he adds.

– Live Video gives a lot of new opportunities for brands who want to get closer to their clients. However, those brands will have to do a lot of work first, because soon plenty of video content will reach us and it will be much harder to surprise demanding customers – estimates Natalia Stańczuk, Junior Strategy Consultant.

Piotr Podgajny, Social Media Manager is a little bit more skeptical about that: – Only brave brands will use new opportunities, because it is impossible to have 100% control over the live content – he says.

Up to this point, live streaming was available mostly through the Periscope tool. Will Facebook platform become a huge rival for this application? Natalia Stańczuk thinks so: – Mark Zuckerberg has incredible ability of being „inspired” of products from smaller or bigger players from a technical market. After laying Facebook scale (1,5 mld users!) at old-new idea, competitors usually could only collect their toys. This time, Mark’s choice is quite obvious, especially when we take huge video hype into consideration.

Piotrek Podgajny: – Periscope, which belongs to Twitter, is a relatively small app, without expanded user base that Facebook possesses. That’s why Facebook Live has a great potential to go much further and become some kind of Periscope „on steroids”.